Some Days I’m Not Brave


Or weeks, I guess.

This has been a week full of me not being brave.

I suppose I should back it up a little bit and explain. Last June I decided I was just going to start doing things. I wanted to experience life. I wanted little adventures. I wanted to be brave.  So I did. For my birthday we went to an all night event called Northern Spark. A couple days later I went to my first Girl.Creative event. I went to parties alone, started volunteering, made new friends, tried new things. I got my budget together (mostly), started the blog, jumped into yoga. I did lots of things.

Fast forward to this week. I just have not been feeling it. I’m not feeling brave. I’m not being brave. I skipped yoga twice. I was all pumped to go to a networking event on Wednesday and I got cranky, so I bailed. Then this morning… This morning I was supposed to go to Creative Mornings. I went last month and loved it. But I didn’t know anyone going today. So I got scared. And bailed. I literally got all ready, did my make up, wore contacts (like woah). I even painted my nails. And then I ended up at a coffee shop instead.

I wanted to share this because it is real life. It’s not great, it’s not the end of the world, it just is. Somedays we are too scared. We don’t need to coddle ourselves and say it’s ok, but we don’t need to beat ourselves up. We just need to accept it and move on. Tell ourselves that tomorrow we will be brave.

Love love,


PS Here is todays coffee shop selfie, because why not?

Photo on 1-22-16 at 9.54 AM #2



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