Life doesn’t always go as planned

I’m a big planner. I love to make goals. Put together routes. Figure out the game plan. And that is great and awesome. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way we planned. In fact, it rarely does.

With this blog I had great intentions. I was going to blog twice a week. I was going to be consistent. I was going to be disciplined. I was going to finish. But then life hit. I went through a funk in February and then had some pretty big disappointments in March.

During this I realized that I had also been focusing too much on a brand. Instead of writing what I wanted to write, I tried to make Candidly Chloe a thing. I created an instagram account. I took an iphone photography class. I went to instameets. I was trying to create and put forth a persona. I wrote because I wanted to be heard. I wanted to be relevant.

But that’s not what I had planned for this blog. I started this blog because I wanted to practice & because I wanted to help people. But I only want to do that if I’m going to be authentically me.

So this is me stepping back up to say Hi, I’m Chloe, and I’m here. I can’t promise I will blog twice a week. I can’t promise I will stay on track with my goals. I can’t promise that I won’t get distracted again. I can just say I’m trying. I’m here. And I’m taking little baby steps towards my dream.

love love.

Candidly Chloe