As I stated about a week ago, when I get into new things, I jump all in. Also, apparently January is the time I get new obsessions. 4 years ago it was knitting and within a year I was approaching SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy). 2 years ago I discovered the Timberwolves (hello, NBA) and I went to 9 games that year. The next year I went to 20. My newest thing is Yoga. I love it. I bought an unlimited pass and made a goal to attend a class everyday for a month. Unfortunately, I have not been successful with that, but I am still getting there 4-6x a week. Now to segue into yet another post about thoughts that come from a yoga class.

One of my yoga teachers, Shelley, has been focusing on the subject of Discomfort. She hs posted the question, “How do you deal with discomfort?” whenever she puts into…uncomfortable poses. It’s funny because as I pay attention to how my body deals with discomfort in class, it definitely relates to how I deal with discomfort in real life.

When I get uncomfortable, I tend to lean in. I like to feel the pain a little bit. For a little while. And then… if it doesn’t go away, or get easier, I give up. Thankfully I tend to come back and try again fairly quickly, but sometimes I miss out because by the time I come back, we’ve moved on. And that is how I am with my writing too. I get very eager to try something new and write. But then it gets hard, or worse, boring. And so I take a break. And usually by the time I come back, I’ve moved on to another shiny idea. I think this is definitely part of the reason I have trouble finishing (as noted in the last entry).

While we look at flaws in our own character, I believe it is important to view them as challenges. So while I am becoming aware of my tendency to “take breaks” whenever I face discomfort, I want to challenge myself to press in & see what kind of awesome things I find.

So team, how about you? What do you do when you face discomfort? Do you think it is helpful in achieving your end goals, or do you think it is an area that you could challenge yourself more?

Love love,