Remember To Look Up

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I’ve been thinking a lot about suffering lately. What is suffering, why do we have suffering, what is the difference between suffering and hard things. If you have spent time with me in the last couple weeks, we have probably talked about it and you are aware of my mental wrestling match. If you continue to follow my blog, you will probably see more of that subject come up in the future. Truthfully, I wanted to have a lot more processed before I wrote anything on the subject because it is a heavy and serious subject that I do not want to take lightly.

However, I do want to quickly offer some encouragement for those who are in the midst of suffering: Remember To Look Up. I know it sounds simple and possibly cliché, but there is truth in it. So often when we are dealing with hard things, we get stuck in looking down at ourselves and our hard things. I urge you to be intentional at least a couple times a day to look up; look up to God, to the sun, to beauty in nature or design. Take a moment to find peace in what is around you.

Hopefully, you may find the more you look to something bigger than yourself, the smaller your hard thing becomes.

Love love,


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