New Years Resolutions

I like planning. Make lists. Preparing mentally. Taking the time to weigh all  options and come up with the best plan.

New Years Resolutions are hard because I like to choose the perfect list. I want the right balance of achievable but difficult. I don’t want too many, but I still enough. There should be challenge but not impossibility. They should be appropriate & acceptable, and not boring. Needless to say, New Years Resolutions generally take me a lot of time to commit to.

This year I am going to try something different. I gave myself 3 minutes. I didn’t overthink it. I just chose what I wanted to focus on this year. And it’s not perfect & a little stupid & probably boring, but it’s something to start with.

  • No Alcohol [I’m actually still on the fence with this one… I just bought a good bottle of gin yesterday, so, we’ll see]
  • Write Every Day
  • Budget Better – Dreams Don’t Happen By Accident
  • Implement Health Routines – Yoga, Walking, Strength Training
  • Intentional Kindness
  • Start Somewhere – Stop Looking For The Perfect Beginning
  • Love Well

And you know? It’s good enough. It’s a start.

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